DIY Accordian File Organizer

How do you store all the Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary, Thank You cards, etc. that you’ve received? If you’re like me, they usually have gone into a shoe box that gets tucked away up into the closet. I like to display my keepsake cards around the house year round, especially the ones with cute and fun designs. They’re like mini pieces of art. It has always been a hassle digging out those boxes and sorting through them to find what I need. So enough was enough. I looked on Pinterest for DIY organization solutions that were pretty enough to display but still functional.  This time, I came across this accordian file on Pinterest.  I love the bow detail!


I  found a tutorial from Damask Love that gave me a basic idea of how to construct the accordian file organizer. Overall, the steps are pretty straightforward and easy to follow. Like any DIY project, the beauty is that you can take that basic concept and modify it to fit your needs.

So first, I assessed the dimensions and the number of file compartments I needed for my accordian file organizers. I chose my dimensions based off the largest cards I had. I also added a spine piece to give the bottom added support.


Luckily I had most of the materials already on hand, with the exception of the bookboard/chipboard.  As a substitute, I used cardboard from the boxes that our nerf guns had come in. Yes, side fact, we are adults that still play with nerf guns 🙂 The nerf gun boxes were perfect because the cardboard was thin.  I cutout and glued two pieces of cardboard for each outer piece required. Glueing together the multiple layers of thin cardboard made the outer pieces pretty sturdy rather than just using one layer of thick cardboard. They don’t bend that easily.  I love it when I can upcycle cardboard!

I chose to cover the outside of the organizers with fabric instead of paper. I find it as an easier material to work with and more forgiving if you need to shift/adjust as you glue. The first one I made, I covered with a postard/airmail-themed fabric. But I couldn’t just make one.  So I made a second one with a custom modern diamond pattern. For this second one, I used plain fabric and painted on the design myself.

accordian file cover



As you can see, the cards fit perfectly in there!  I’ll probably be making more of these in the future to organize and store my other stationary/paper goods.


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