DIY Fabric Covered Magazine Holders

magazine cover 2

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been doing de-cluttering and purging around the house. One of the things that’s needed attention was my ever-growing stash of magazines.


There was no way that I needed to keep all of them. I picked through which ones to keep and which to recycle.  With the magazines that were left in my ‘keep’ pile, I wanted to make some custom storage to display them in, instead of just leaving them stacked in a corner.

I ended up making a few simple fabric-covered magazine holders, and you can, too. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

magazine materials

1. Cardstock
2. Glue, tape, and a cutting tool (rotary cutter or scissors)
3. pencil (or marker) and ruler
4. cardboard box
5. fabric

I chose to use a few Amazon shipping boxes I had saved. They’re sturdier than using cereal boxes. The 1A3 size is perfect as it measures out to 3.5 ” x 9.5 x 12.5″ and will accommodate most magazine sizes.

magazine steps 1

1. Outline your desired shape for the magazine holder. I chose a simple straight line, with the short side measuring  5″ tall.

2. Cut along the outline and remove the top portion of the box.

3. On each side, glue the inside flap to the outer two flaps.

4. Similarly, on each side, secure the outer two flaps together with tape. It’s just like taping up a box.

5. Cut off the rectangle flaps from the unused upper portion of the box. They will be used to reinforce the upper insides of the magazine holder.

6. Trace and cut out pieces for (a) and (b). Glue down on the inside of each side.

I chose to use fabric to cover the magazine holders because I felt that it would be more durable than wrapping paper or cardstock with use. Plus, I liked the texture of fabric.

magazine fabric

To make the cover I went with a concept of wrapping a present. First, I traced the outline of the magazine holder on the fabric. Next, I marked off flaps where I would fold over edges and corners. The cutout as shown above is the end result. It literally was like wrapping a present, using glue adhere the fabric to the magazine holder. Lastly, I cutout cardstock to line the inside and to nicely conceal the edges of the fabric. Here’s how they turned out.

Magazine final

Magazine final2

I love the way they look. They are a great new addition to my bookshelf! Have a Happy Monday!


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