DIY Envelope Pillow Covers

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I finally got around to making new pillow covers for the sofa this summer. I was never a fan of the paisley and plaid pillows that originally came with our sofa. When we bought the sofa,  I had to stop and remind myself that the pillow covers could easily be replaced, just not the sofa. (I’m committed to that piece of furniture until it breaks, which I hope never happens!)

Blue Couch

Blue Couch

I decided to be ambitious and try to make pillow covers with different patterns, just like what you see in the magazines. This was harder than I thought it would be, but after reading a blog post by Tidbits&Twine, I felt a little more confident about choosing the patterns. This is what I ended up going with:

IMG_1225I decided to make envelope pillows covers because they are the easy and fast to make. I used tutorials from thelittlegreennotebook and feelinglovesome as my guide, but have made my own tutorial based on what worked for me. Beware…there is some math involved (Yes, I’m a nerd), but I’ve done the hard work for you so this tutorial can be used for pillows of any size. Let’s get started!

1. Determine the dimensions of the pillow cover.

The finished dimensions of the pillow covers should be 1″ smaller on each side in comparison to the pillow itself. My pillows are 21″ x 21″. (However, it’s deceiving because they are super stuffed and 19″ x 19″ is written on the actual pillow itself.) To avoid confusion, I just remeasured the original pillow covers, which are 20″ x 20″, which are the dimensions I went with.

2. Measure and cut out the fabric based on the following calculations.

Width (inches) = Width of Finished Pillow Cover + 1 inch
 My width = 20″ + 1 ” = 21 “

Length (inches) = 2.25 x (Length of Finished Pillow Cover) + 2 inches
 My length = (2.25 x 20″) +2″ = 47″

3. Hem the two short ends.

Pillow Case Short Edge Instructions

4. Lay fabric right-side facing down. Fold over the two short ends so that they overlap.
Pillow Folding Edges Over Instructions

Since the finished length of my pillow cover is 20″, I folded each short end over by (0.625 x 20″) = 12.5″. This helps the center the “envelope flap” in the center of the pillow.

5. Hem the remaining two “raw edges”.

Pillow Final Two Raw Edges Instructions

6. Trim the corners and turn pillow case right-side out.Pillow Turning Corners Out Instructions

…and you’re done!



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