Painting on a Friday Night…

This past Friday was the first free Friday I’ve had in a really long time. There was no small group meeting to go to, no travel plans, no outtings whatsoever. I was really looking forward to a night to just to decompress and relax. This past week had not only been mentally exhausting due to work, but physically exhausting as well as I had come down with a cold.

I started off my night by having dinner and watching some TV, but after a show or two, I wasn’t all that interested in the Friday-night show line-up. I had originally intended to do some cleaning or organizing around the house, but after some contemplating, I decided I wasn’t really in that type of mood. (Yes, you read that sentence correctly. Cleaning and organizing can be mentally relaxing activities for me.) My next default idea was to work on a craft or art project, something to satisfy my creative juices. Now that sounded like a fun idea, but what to do?

I skimmed my DIY Pinterest Board for ideas, and came across this oil painting that I had pinned from a few weeks ago.

I had pinned this painting because I thought that it would be perfect for the powder room, which was painted in Winter Lake (BM 2129-50). I loved the pop of red! That red dress instantly caught my eye.  I also loved the subtle blue accents and highlights.  I tried finding who the artist of this painting was or if this was an item available to buy , but have had no luck so far. So instead, I was going to attempt to recreate my version of this painting.

I looked around the house to see what I had lying around, and gathered my materials for this project:

  • RIBBA picture frame from IKEA (I had previously used this for my jewelry organizer board at our previous apartment).
  • Acrylic paint & paint brushes
  • Remnant burlap/canvas-like fabric

After a few hours of painting and mentally zoning out, I was finished. Here’s how my version came out. It was a decent attempt, but nothing like the original painting.

I had to let the painting dry overnight before I could frame it. The hubby had to help me hang the picture. (The RIBBA picture frame has some weight to it since it has a glass front.) Now the red dress painting is hanging in our powder room for all to see. 🙂


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