DIY Sunshine Yellow Curtains

I must confess that this post has been a long time coming. March, April, and May were busy busy months. However,  it’s not like life will get any less busier in the upcoming months for me, so I’ve got to get back on track with posting and sharing with y’all on this blog!

I’ve finished tackling what probably is the biggest DIY project I’ve accomplished so far in the new house: sewing my own curtains! You might ask why on earth I would even consider sewing my own curtains. Well, besides the fact that I like DIY projects, I had a few good other reasons to rationalize my decision…

  1. Cost…
    I have learned that I have expensive taste, but not the budget to match it. I had been eyeing the Linen Cotton Window Panels in Desert Marigold from West Elm. It cost $64.00 per panel (96″ long) was $59.00. Multiply that by the 6 panels I needed…that’s $384 before tax, shipping, and buying any curtain rod hardware.
  2. Dimensions…
    Through this project I learned how to properly hang curtains, thanks to Pinterest and the numerous custom curtain magazines we keep receiving in the mail. The width of the West Elm curtain panels were 48″, which were too narrow for my windows. Therefore, I would need to sew panels together to achieve the desired width and fullness. In addition, the length of the panels were slightly longer than I needed, so I’d also have to hem them to the exact desired length. I have an eye for detail, so it bothers me when people buy store bought curtains and hang them so that they are too short or do not have enough fullness to them.
  3. Color
    I had decided from the beginning that I wanted bright yellow curtains to go with the light gray walls for the main floor. Although the Desert Marigold West Elm curtain panels were fairly close in color with what I was looking for, it still wasn’t close enough for. The color had to be exact. I wanted something a slightly bit brighter, with a more citrus yellow hue.

So, as you can probably imagine, with all the “rationale” reasons I presented above, I wanted the perfect set of curtains, and making them myself would be the only way to achieve that!

Finding the specific shade of yellow that I wanted was not all that easy. I must have spent a a few weeks just browsing online and pinning potential candidates on my Pinterest Board for my husband to help me decide. Luckily, the search did not go on forever, as I was lucky enough to find a shade of yellow from that satisfied my eye: Cintronelle. I was even luckier to have a 50% off coupon (thanks to my sister-in-law). The original price per yard was $34.99, but with the coupon it came to $17.49/yd. I bought a total of 18 yards for the two main floor windows/patio doors combined. So it came out to $314.82 before tax. Did I mention I got free shipping too?

So I received a long narrow box in the mail. It was a bit of a reality check as I slowly pulled the fabric out of the box…what was I getting myself into? Doubt started to creep on me as I examined the fabric. Now, I knew that the color swatch from online wouldn’t exactly match the real color of the fabric. The fabric seemed to have a super citrus/neon hue to it. So I unrolled it out on the floor, and had to spend some time looking at it. It was growing on me, but I was still unsure. This wasn’t the a dilemma I wanted or needed so early on in the project. My husband had to constantly reassure me that the shade of yellow was perfectly fine, and in the end I had to trust him.

Next came the sewing! I’ll spare the details for now of how I sewed the curtains/lessons learned and save that for a tutorial post. I will say the concept of sewing the curtains isn’t hard since you’re just sewing cutting in straight lines. But cutting straight and sewing straight is the key. Those two things become more time consuming the larger the panels are because it’s always safer to measure twice and cut/sew once. After dragging out this project for two months, I finally finished! (Yes, I know it’s pathetic,  because I would only work in short spurts and only on weekends, which as I explained above, were pretty busy.) Anyways…*drum roll please*….here is the finished product!

The curtains just add a completely different dimension to the rooms and make them look one step closer towards of being ‘put together’. I was especially glad to camoflauge the sheer brown shades on the main floor window, and completely get rid of the hideous (I don’t even know what shade of brown/pink you could call it), 80’s fabulous panel-like blinds.

I will say in the end, I am completely happy with the shade of yellow that the curtains are and have no regrets. It’s amazing to watch the different shades of yellow the curtains turn throughout the day as the sunlight pours in. And as you can see, my cat looks like she’s literally surrounded by two columns of sunlight. She’s pretty content now that she can finally reclaim her spot by the patio doors.

DIY Sunshine Yellow Curtains


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